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The process of thinking and approaching user experience design.



I'm an experienced User Researcher



I'm good at describing interactions and behavior

Pasta and Wine


As a user advocate, I try to write clear and concise requirements



I've designed for web & mobile


Human-centered design is about getting to the people you’re designing for and hearing from them in their own words.
Analyze user behavior, itches, and needs. Map out product features and problems.
Draw out scenarios to help communicate with users and designers.
Visually generate concepts with user's need and test for feedback.

The slideshows of my UX/UI works.

MR. KEEP (App Design)

Mr. Keep is a new service to track, rethink, and strengthen our closest relationships for people who live far away from loved ones or for those who are in unsatisfactory relationships. (This is an ongoing thesis project.)

    Mr. Keep
    Start from Personal Itch
    Brief Questionnaires and Interviews
    Define Users
    More Specific User Groups
    App + Device, Bring Deep Learning System into Project
    Scenarios by Storyboards
    User Flows
    UI Design
    Relationships List
    Relationships Tracking
    Advice & Other Outputs

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POKEGO (Game & Interface Design)

You know what? I design this game in 2016 Spring semester, 6 months before the well–known Pokemon Go release, even the name I gave to my game looks like a knockoff merchandise. But I swear I design this game by myself. I do get some inspiration from Google 2014 April Fools’ joke: Pokemon Challenge. Pokego is an AR game to help parents monitor and guid their children after school and help them balance their time management.

Concept Come from User Pain Points
Time Management & After Class Safety Problems
Service Blueprint
Kid Friendly Navigation UI
Kid Friendly Contacts UI
Kid Friendly Texting UI
Pokemon Collection Trip
GPS System
Parent Monitoring System

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CBD: CAR BOOT DELIVERY (Service & Product Design)

Car Boot Delivery project used the commercial design method to raise awareness of city car problems, and attempted to find out an efficient way to use the car and logistic. The end product was an app of package delivery sharing service with infrastructure.

Car Boot Delivery
Start with City Car Problem
Target City Logistics Industry & Delivery Problem
Users Persona
Profile Screen
Match with Driver
C-Bin Storage
Delivery Scenario
User Benefits

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WOP OPENER (eCommerce Production & Web Design)

WOP-Opener project used eCommerce methods to connect my design concept with local manufactures. I made a combination between functional daily objects (opener) and portable meaningful objects (album). I brought Laser Cutting and UV Printing technology into the manufacturing process and gave customer accessibility to DIY their own opener's pattern. The final product was a customized wallet-sized opener and eCommerce website.

Wop Opener
eCommerce Website
Personalized Your Pattern

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